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Entrepreneurs & us

If you want to be an entrepreneur, be prepared to fail at least twice. Kickstart your startup on a micro level, face the struggles and see if entrepreneurship is for you. You don't have to have the tag of an entrepreneur to be one.

Breaking Down Marketing Careers

All that glitters, sometimes, might just be gold- marketing career. An important thing is to get as much construct and information while working, the remuneration is there. There is a lot of glamour in marketing, there always was and always will be.

The need for Rethinking Banking Career

Has the failure of the banking sector to protect the people's wealth contributed to the growth of the fintech startups? Find out the answer to this question as our speakers from the fintech sector deliberate.

Careers in Software Development Space

One bad programmer can easily create two new jobs a year. Is it the right time for you to enter this space? Watch us break down the software development sector and discuss the skills required to excel. Software development is an art. It might not require a degree, but one needs to continuously try, develop, intern, network and explore.

Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital marketing is all about seducing the customer- hook their attention and bribe them. Thinking of pursuing a career in digital marketing? START NOW! You'd be surprised to know the things you can start your business without. Try, test things out and then try it again.

Experts Talk About The Development Sector

Google only loves you when everyone loves you first. The basic difference between the development and the corporate sector is that one works for profits and the other towards a goal. Learn from the experts in the Development Sector and get a new perspective on how to succeed in this space.