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Offbeat v/s Conventional Careers!

You’ve got your secured job at a reputed firm and been working your ass off to do justice to the expectations of the boss. Day in, day out; working in the same cubicle, delivering on the seemingly similar projects and clients, thinking if this is what you’ve wanted all along..

If it is, then kudos to you! You have found your calling.

But if you’re thinking of refurbishing the trajectory of your career, you might wanna give this article a read.


Everyone has a different definition of what career means to them. An off-beat career would be something that isn’t conventional, you may or may not be able to succeed.

While the reasons for this non-traditional attribute are many, these careers more or less are primarily considered “offbeat”  because of their lack of stability in the finances.

If you’re at a stage where you’re thinking of switching careers, these are some factors that you need to evaluate before making any decision. Understanding the long-term effects of your decisions is very important, and in most cases, IMPERATIVE!

Understanding the long-term effects of your decisions is very important, and in most cases, imperative!

#1 Passion or Money?

Is it fulfilling the dreams and aspirations you have for yourself that entices you to keep going on, or is it the fancy bank balance that makes you go diving into your work?

Rather than being a question, this serves as a basic yet important parameter for the kind of career path you wish to tread, the answer to which is very subjective and depends entirely on the thought process of the individual.

What is your priority- Passion or Money?



The deciding factor to this is wherever your heart lies. Once you have ascertained your priority, the choice between holding on to your established career and taking that one leap of faith that could change your life becomes fairly easy!


#2 Familial Responsibility

Each one of us has some responsibility towards our parents and family.

So, the important part is if your family is dependent on you. This dependence can be financial or emotional. Your stability in both the aspects is very important for your success.


The questions below are naturally your next thought barriers:


  • Does your family depend on you financially?
  • How will it affect them?
  • Is the economic condition of the family stable?
  • Will they be at peace if you leave everything behind to pursue your passion?



#3 Financial Security

Any decision related to career involves this very important parameter, finances.


  • Are you in a good place financially?
  • Quitting your job right now and finding another one of your choice has a period of you not having any job, will you be able to survive this period?
  • For how long can you survive?
  • Does your new career involve some kind of investment?
  • Do you have enough savings or an investor?
  • How bad do you want to switch that you can cut off some huge slacks of expenses?
  • Will you be able to go through this transition?


For starters answer these questions, answering each will slowly clear your way through this parameter.

#4 Your Health

This doesn’t just include physical health but also mental health. Before making this decision, one should be sure of their well-being. You might end up ruining your health by overtaxing your brain due to work.

Being prepared for this journey requires self-assurance that you can handle adversities. It requires you to have clarity of thought and a composed perspective towards what you wish to do and how you plan to achieve it.

#5 Conviction

Are you confident, knowing that this one decision won’t just change your career, but it will change your career trajectory? Do you have the courage to go against what the society has brought up to believing?

Although the sound of taking the road less travelled sounds super thrilling, you must be prepared for the uncertainty that comes attached to this “thrill”.

Understand that things might not go as planned but be willing to do it anyway because you only live once and want to make most out of it.

Taking risks is the first step towards the change. They say, “higher the risk, higher the reward”.


#6 Stay Determined

Don’t stop at hurdles, jump over them!

Problems and confusions will anway cloud your way. What you need is to stay determined to make these obstacles disappear into thin air!

Once you’ve taken the leap, hold on to your opinions and perspective. Hustle and prosper, don’t give into externalities!

Stick to your work, you’re sure to receive your dues!

At the end of the day, this is your life and YOU are the top dog! So calculate the chances, trust your instincts, research and research, and if it all sums up in the favour of your circumstances, then JUST GO FOR IT!

You only get one shot at a second chance. Don’t waste your life regretting how you didn’t (or did) take it!


  1. What drives you to work? Passion/Work
  2. Do you think jumping careers is a viable option for an ambitious professional? Yes/No


  1. Passion, if you are a creative and artistic person whose stimulator is the adrenaline rush that a non-technical career brings! Money, if you are the ambitious and on-the-go kind who hustles to make dreams a reality!
  2. Yes, because one should follow one’s heart instead of chasing wordly acceptance and other materialistic pleasures. No, because not always will a person have the right kind of financial stability and convictions to leave everything behind for years of uncertainty.
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