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about Are you confused about your career?

What is Perspectico?

``Education attempts and not guarantees rationality``

Visit the Career kit to explore more than 450 careers.Visit the Career kit to explore more than 450 careers.

Checkout our training modules that are tailor-made by on field experts, learn technically as well as contextually.

Connect and network with the help of our Podcast and Community and expose yourself to the World of possibilities.

Perspectico is your guide.

The idea is to bring you a step closer to your dream career by providing a platform to gain awareness, get exposure and build your perspective towards any career with the help of people who have hands-on experience with it. We are like a map, who help one reach their desired destination.

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About the founder.

Nikhil is the founder of Perspectico. Prior to founding Perspectico, Nikhil was a part of the Investment Banking team at Nomura in Mumbai. He is a graduate from Delhi University and previously led a student organization called Contangrow, a student platform for conducting career related talks by the industry experts. His work has been published in several platforms including Your Story.
Nikhil Chainani Perspectico Founder